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GPS : Latitude N :  50.288059° ou 50°17'17.01"      Longitude E :   5.497301° ou  5°29'50.28"

You are tempted by naturism ?

On vacation, you already practice naturism and want to join our club ... How ?

For those who want to join a naturist organization which is especially family friendly, the purely virtual relationship between two computers can obviously not be enough.
We would like to underline the fact that the Board of Directors of the ASBL Soynature is resolutely opposed to any form of online registration .

Our club puts the emphasis on direct contact , human relations and a dialogue that allows a more realistic perception of the person and his motivation.

Therefore to learn more about our association you must, first, make a request by letter or e-mail to the Board of Soynature or, more simply, by telephone to one of the members of the Board of Directors.

It is essential to be very clear about your family situation :
- Married and cohabiting persons must imperatively make a joint request.
- An isolated (unmarried ) application will be examined specifically, so as to comply to the equality between men & women within the club.

A free day will be offered. Reconstituted families with children must provide parental consent.

After this first meeting, you will have the opportunity to apply to the Board demanding an application for membership (You will be asked to complete an information sheet) .

The annual fee for all the family (including children under 16) is fixed at € 40.00. During the first visit, the Board authorizes you free access to the camping site. As soon as your registration and annual fee are in order, you will receive your naturist license (with a FBN stamp for the year).

Why do you need a license ? It is first and foremost a pass to attend all the naturist activities of your club.

This contribution also makes you a full member of the great national and international naturist family. This means that with your license, you have a right of access to activities organized by other Belgian or foreign clubs (swimming pool, sauna, etc ...); you also have a right of access to the camping sites of other clubs and especially the naturist holiday centers.

Another advantage of the license: an insurance to cover any sport injury in the context of club activities.

Most importantly, the license allows the Belgian Federation of Naturism to function. It is the only recognized negotiator which can represent us at the government. It is the guarantor of the naturist spirit NBF and participates in actions to defend and promote the movement. It organizes many activities of national character, friendly  interclub meetings, sporting events and access to the Océade water park in Brussels.

See you soon !

Piercings & Tattoos

Tattoos and sexual or aggressive nature piercings are disruptive and are not admitted by the Belgian Federation of Naturism.
During your stay, you are asked to remove these piercings.
If this rule is not repected, Soynature reserves the right to ask you to leave.

Board of directors

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